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Direct Care Staff

Direct Care staff members need to be compassionate, patient, and understanding individuals. It is important for them to be reliable and committed to their responsibilities in caring for others. Elderly patients depend on them for assistance with their daily activities and the direct care worker plays an essential role in their ability to do things.

Direct Care workers may deliver a variety of services for the elderly. They may provide companionship for an elderly person who cannot be left alone due to physical matters or cognitive impairment. Other tasks include assistance with bathing, dressing, teeth brushing, eating, meal preparation, medication reminders, going to the bathroom, help getting in or out of bed, changing linens, doing laundry, light housekeeping, and errands and shopping.

There are a number of opportunities for places that employ direct care workers to aid aging individual’s needs. Some of these include adult day care facilities, hospices, nursing homes, home health agencies, and assisted living facilities. Adult day care centers offer a daytime care environment for the senior while their family goes to work. They take care of your loved one for a couple hours during the day so that things can get done without having to constantly monitor and care for them. A hospice provides short-term care for the patient to help manage their pain and symptoms. When an elderly person is nearing the end of life, the main purpose of using hospice services allows the individual to be at home with their family while receiving care. A nursing home offers seniors a place to receive care for injuries, medical problems, disabilities, and chronic illnesses. Nursing homes tend to such needs in an environment outside of the hospital, yet still serve as a long-term care facility. There are a variety of services offered by home health agencies. Caregivers working for such agencies go to the home of the elderly patient. Benefits of this type of care service allow the senior to remain in their home and receive assistance with their daily activities. An assisted living facility offers a home-like environment for the elderly who may need to be provided with care on a daily basis. Help services are available twenty-four hours while still offering seniors a sense of independence living in a facility.

All direct care workers have an important role caring for the elderly no matter which type of facility they work with. These individuals are compassionate and committed to enriching the lives of our senior population.