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About Alliance Training

AllianceTraining Group is devoted to providing the highest caliber of continuing education solutions for the health care industry. Our mission is to be the premier academic training partner of individual health care professionals, health care agencies, and state associations throughout the country. Alliance Training is well-informed about the legislative process and continuously monitoring for changes in the education requirements, allowing us to offer the most up-to-date programs supporting compliance with state and federal regulations. We are proud to offer cost-effective, quality learning materials for medical professionals with the training flexibility of our supportive e-learning environment designed to engage and stimulate students.

The educational programs offered by AllianceTraining were built on three fundamental philosophies:

♦  Health care professionals are tireless, passionate, and committed to the quality of life of our country's citizens. This special commitment deserves nothing less than the highest quality, engaging, and useful training programs to promote the profession and better serve patients.
♦  The training and licensure requirements surrounding this industry are constantly evolving. It is critical to the careers of health care professionals and the operations of health care agencies to maintain compliance with these regulations. Our programs are fully accredited to alleviate any concerns about operating without the proper training.
♦  The daily lives of health care professionals are typically hectic and can be filled with traveling obligations to care for patients. Our programs stabilize the value of quality content with the necessary support for the busy lives of our students through our innovative, online platform. 
The team at Alliance Training is ready to hear how we can assist with your educational needs along the path to your professional advancement.